6 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Home Healthcare Agency

Don’t hire the first home healthcare agency that comes around. Not all agencies provide the same caring, compassionate service that your loved one deserves and you shouldn’t settle for less. Before you hire anyone to provide home health care, conduct an interview, asking a few important questions in the process. Write to a list of questions that you want to ask to ensure that you get the best provider out there. Include the 6 questions here on that list.

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1.    Are you licensed by the state? Always hire home health care lansing that holds state license.  Never settle for any other type of agency because this could be the start of many problems.

2.    What services do you offer to my loved one?  You want to ensure that you hire a health care provider who offers the services needed by your loved one, otherwise everyone is just wasting time.

3.    Do you perform background checks on your employees?  Always hire a company that uses all of the background checking possible to hire the best employees for the job.

4.    What is the cost of service? No two agencies charge the same price for home health service, so it is up to you to compare the options to find the most reasonable option.

5.    What type of payment do you expect? Payment by cash, check, insurance, etc. is accepted by most companies. You should learn the payment options offered with each agency before you hire, otherwise you could be in for a world of confusion and trouble.

6.    Do you have any references? Any good home health care agency can easily offer three to four references that you can call to verify services. Do not simply request the references, but be sure that you check them, too.